City of Boulder Set to Adopt New Rules on Compatible Development in Single Family Neighborhoods

by Sean O'Hara on July 29, 2009

The City of Boulder is close to passing the “Compatible Development in Single Family Neighborhoods” changes to their zoning code. It looks like the second reading will be August 18, 2009.

The big impact is that certain single family zone lots will change from a .8 FAR (floor area ratio) to a .45 FAR. This will reduce the size of a home that can be built on certain lots by 44%. The code may have as little as a 60 day window before it goes into effect on these properties, severely limiting options for those property owners.

The language is complex (like all Boulder zoning) but if you have a single family lot in Boulder it is highly advisable to get involved now. In my opinion this change is very heavy handed and generally FAR is a clumsy way to dictate design.

If you need more information read their website or let us know.


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