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Lose Weight Today! Ask Me How. – Steel Beams

by evstudio July 2, 2018

I apologize if the title is misleading. The weight I am talking about is the weight of steel beams. Why am I concerned about the weight of steel beams you may ask? The answer is that steel product suppliers typically price steel beams in terms […]

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Balancing Post-Tension

by EVstudio AEP March 27, 2018

Last month, I wrote a quick post about understanding the sources of long-term losses with post-tension tendons.  One of the key points to take away from that is that the more post-tension material you use, the less effective each individual tendon becomes.  However, this is […]

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Specifying Steel Open Web Joists

by evstudio January 20, 2017

While designing a recent commercial project I ran into a new situation (for me). The project is a mixed use commercial / residential project comprised of a steel framed lower level commercial area below an elevated concrete slab with timber framed multifamily construction above. Because […]

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