5 Services to Consider When Working with your Design Team

When hiring EVstudio to work with you on your building project, you’ll always get a great experience working with the team of architects and engineers through the pre-design, design, construction documents  and construction phase. That’s a given but sometimes it makes sense to hire us to work with you on more services for your project.


Creating a building that meets all of your needs is the objective of programming.  It answers the questions of How Many, How Big and How does this space relate to the other spaces?   On smaller projects a combination of the owner’s past experiences in similar spaces combined with the Architect’s knowledge make fast work of programming and this can be rolled into the Pre-Design phase.  On more complex projects more in depth research such as field observations of your current space at work or surveys with staff and customers may be needed to develop an informed program.  This work saves the client from unused spaces that have to be re-programmed or worse the expense of an addition at a later date that addresses an important program element that might have come to light with the in depth research that a formal programming phase allows us to perform.


A design is just an abstract idea until constructed. There is nothing better to help you visualize your building then a scale model.  Physical models are a great design tool. It gives us an opportunity to convey our idea to the world and work through any concerns or issues one might have that would not be truly identified until after construction. Also, a high quality model is great for meetings with communities with design boards; and, best of all, with investors and loan agents. Then after all is said and done, you have a great memento of your purchase, a one of a kind collectors souvenir. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a model is worth a thousand pictures.



A rendering can have a lot of effect. It can show function.  It can tell you how do people will react within this space. It can show lighting. How does light inform the building? It can show material.  How does the building look when we use this material or that one? It can show integration. How does the building assimilate with its environment? Many questions occur during design, prior to construction, that a rendering can answer. We can bring your passion to life with a rendering and then you can present it to the world. These simulations give you something to market and to raise interest about your project. When people walk by your site they will always wonder what is going to be build.  So let us help you show off your masterpiece.

Exterior View 1 (front) 11-3


Here at EVstudio our Architects work alongside Engineers and we have learned they are just as capable as any architect when it comes to developing a 3d model.  This opens opportunities to our firm for extensive collaboration.  Our standard level of service includes 3D modeling of many of the critical elements of your project as an internal tool to create 2D drawings for construction but a comprehensive model pushes this level of modeling to the next level.  Only so much information can be conveyed to contractors and sub-contractors using 2d construction documents.  A comprehensive model is prepared not as a tool for creating 2D drawings but as a full 3D deliverable to the contractor of your choice who can use this model to help quality control and clash detection.  I once heard a story  that a beer brewing company trying to reach the LEED Platinum fell short because the hot and cold water lines where too close and wasted too much energy.   These are the kind of critical relationships a Comprehensive Model can avoid.


A building will never be as flawless as the day after construction ends.  Let us help you capture that moment.  Photography captures a memory and inspires others to see your project in its best light which makes for great marketing material for use in the future for one of your biggest assets.  Let EVstudio help you take advantage of this moment by arranging photography of your project while you are hard at work moving in or getting your new business location off the ground.

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