A Brief Behind-the-Scenes on Modular Construction

The world of modular construction is an interesting one to say the least. The idea that homes can be built in a factory and shipped to a site, ready to live in, is something that is sorely needed right now. The ease and shortened construction time makes modular construction an appealing choice for developers. The affordability of the homes is also crucial in the current housing market.

Like with many new ideas, there are a lot of questions that come up, and there are more that are unknown as well.  We are always looking for the most effective answers to these questions. While the house design can be shored up long before any dirt is dug up, modular is not immune to all the challenges that a traditional stick-framed house face. Some challenges are unique to modular construction as well.

Site conditions are still a major factor in determining the overall design of a house. The grade of the land around the house always must be taken into consideration. For modular construction, this can get scaled up for clients who want to build on multiple sites. Utility connections, building regulations, aesthetics, and other aspects are also important, and factor in to modular design just as they would in traditional building. While factory constructed houses are a new and exciting concept, there is always more that needs to be considered. Our team faces these challenges every day, and we are always innovating ways to overcome them.

I do believe that modular construction is still somewhat in its infancy. It can and will improve with more time and new ideas injected into the process. If you or anybody you know is interested in learning more about modular construction, contact the EVstudio Modular team, and we’d be glad to help out!

An example of modular construction through a rendering of the Poncha Meadows project.
A rendering from the Poncha Meadows modular project.



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