ACE: Investing in the Future

Investing in the Future- ACE Mentor Program of America

How many times have you heard a contractor, builder or engineering firm say that they don’t have enough skilled workers? In today’s growing construction economy we are hearing this common complaint over and over. There are not enough engineers, general contractors, skilled laborers, or tradespeople to go around. What is the solution? ACE is a nationwide high school program that strives to expose kids to the architecture, construction and engineering fields to fill these important jobs.


Exposure is a critical component for school kids going into any field. In high school I thought that I knew what I wanted to be, and I thought that my path was leading me towards that career goal. What I didn’t know was that life can take a meandering route. As I worked, went back to school, raised a family and weathered an economic crash I found that the more meandering the path, in other words the more I was exposed to, the more varied the experiences I had that, ultimately, better prepared me for my career.

ACE provides exposure with real world projects and industry professionals guiding the process from design development to construction documents. The ACE Mentor Program of America fills the void between school and career specifically in architecture, engineering and construction.  They are providing a framework to expose, encourage and support kids interested in this continually growing and changing industry. The video below is done by a student at our participating school and was aired on PBS!


Becoming a mentor in the ACE program has allowed me to share my passion for architecture, engineering and construction to a whole new generation of kids. See how you can get involved by becoming a mentor, an industry partner or a participating school and help teach kids to get excited about their future!

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