ACI Cold Weather Concrete Procedure – Part 1 Concrete Blankets

As the weather begins to turn frigid it is clear that additional precautions will need to take place before and after pouring of concrete in the cold elements. The ACI has a cold weather standard that it expects all contractors to follow. The first part of the ACI procedure is concrete blankets.

Concrete Blankets

Concrete Blankets are used before and after the concrete pour has occurred. Before and during the forming or excavation phase they are used to help insulate the ground, this helps from freezing and keeps out moisture. After the pour, the blankets are placed on the concrete to keep out moisture but lock in the heat that is created from the concrete as it cures. The blankets have a insulation between the two tarp layers. The blankets are Black on one side and often Silver on the other. You will always want to lay the blankets black side up, this will reflect the sun rays and the silver side will lock the heat in.

Concrete Blankets

The biggest benefits from blankets are not only can they cover slabs, but they can be used vertically on columns and walls as well. They are much easier to to hold in place then other insulating products. And they can be reused by rolling or folding them up and storing them.


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