Agilia Self-Consolidating Concrete

An EVstudio residential client is considering using Agilia in place of gypcrete to be applied over their radiant floors.  It tends to be more cost-effective and can be polished and finished similar to concrete.

Agilia’s Gyvlon Screed A (by Lafarge) is a pump-applied, free-flowing floor screed that can be used with a concrete slab,  pre-cast concrete floor, asphalt, and timber-based supports.  It can be laid on bonded, unbonded or floating constructions but should not be used as a wearing surface itself or for external or wet areas such as swimming pool surrounds.

For use on radiant floor systems, Agilia only requires 30mm of coverage over the tubing because it is laid much thinner than traditional screeds.  This also allows the system to release the heat much quicker.

It provides a smooth, flat surface for the application of most floor coverings and provides a high-quality surface finish with minimal cracking.  It reduces the need for construction joints and even eliminates the need for reinforcement.

Other advantages to Agilia is its fast finish time.  The concrete is typically ready for foot traffic within 24 to 48 hours, and partitions can be erected seven days after placing.


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