AIA Denver Design Awards 2009

It looks like I will be chairing the AIA Denver Design Awards committee for 2009. This is one of AIA Denver’s largest annual events and an event that I’ve been involved with for the last 8 years. This will be my 4th year as chair of the committee.

A brief explanation of how most AIA Design Awards work. The committee and the AIA Denver President choose an out of town jury chair for the competition. In the spring AIA member firms will be invited to submit their best work for consideration. Then I’ll take the submissions to the out of town jury who will select a group of winners. There are typically 75-90 submissions and about 10% win something. The jury chair attends the awards gala and the awards are handed out along with other honor awards and a presentation of the jury chair’s work.

We will begin the discussion on jury chairs next week and the event is tenatively scheduled for September 11, 2009.


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