Architect/Client Privilege? What Does Your Architect Keep Secret?

I’ll start by saying that there is no legal sort of architect/client privilege where we can hide what you tell us from the courts. However, at EVstudio we will keep information private from third parties upon your request.

A common example is the client who has told us certain information that they do not want us to share with the contractor, bidders or potential contractors. It is very helpful for the architect to know information about budget, schedule and bidding that you may not want passed along. We will ask before distributing any of this kind of information.

Another common example in our commercial contracts is the project that hasn’t been publicly announced. If you are putting together a project that you do not want publicized just let us know and we’ll keep it to ourselves.This sort of secrecy can be very important in arranging deals.

Another example is the client who does not want publicity. As you are likely aware we talk a great deal about projects on our website and in our blog. Each of our contracts includes a waiver allowing this but if you want to keep your name or any project details quiet, just let us know and we’ll modify the standard language.

Finally, we recognize who we hold a contract with. No matter how strong our relationship with another party, our contract is with our client and we fully respect their wishes. If you have any questions along the way or want to double check how we handle information, just let us know.


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