EVstudio’s custom residential group has built work throughout the United States. Custom residential is a large portion of what we do with projects ranging from small 200 sf cabins to 15,000 sf homes. Every project is truly custom in its own right, speaking to the function and aesthetics of each of our clients. EVstudio designs in all styles.

Prior to designing a custom home, we meet with the homeowner to “program” their project. In this initial meeting, we discuss size, style, budget, rooms, arrangement, the site and the owner’s priority. Each owner and each project are unique, so we have a very thorough process to establish the criteria for the design. Visualization is also a very important element in the design process. EVstudio uses 3-dimensional computer modeling on all of our projects to assist in the design as well as provide our Clients with the best tools available to understand the design. An example of the kind of output that is typical of our design process can be found here.

EVstudio’s total integration of architecture and engineering is fairly unique in the design of custom homes. Most architects utilize consultants to design their structure. This means that the design of the structure comes after the design of the architecture which can lead to conflicts and additional expense in the structural design. Within our offices, the architecture and structure are designed together leading to solutions that are better integrated.

Many of our custom home clients ask about sustainable design. We design every project with sustainability in mind if nothing else for the savings in energy and a more livable design. Many of these decisions are made in the layout and siting of the home and carry no additional cost. Where there are additional costs to “go green” we tailor that to the desires of the client. For custom home design where you are interested in a green rating, EVstudio has designed a number of LEED projects as well as off-grid homes, and we’re familiar with your options.

EVstudio has also designed many log and timber framed homes throughout Colorado as well as the Western and Midwestern region. Understanding Log and Timber homes are a specialty of our Residential Studio.

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