Flex buildings to R&D buildings. Industrial design at it's best.

Industrial design can range in a wide array of project types. At EVstudio we have experience in flex, light manufacturing, R&D, showroom, and warehouse/distribution buildings.

Industrial Projects

An A/E approach to produce streamlined industrial buildings.

  • Design efficiency. Making sure you get the most out of your land with efficient placement of buildings, parking, loading, and entryways.
  • Collaborative A/E design. Industrial building becomes easier to construct when all your designers work collaboratively in-house. Plans are cohesive, value-engineered, and constructible.
  • Jurisdiction design observation. As industrial buildings move closer to residential areas, local jurisdictions have created stringent design requirements. EVstudio is experienced in balancing the needs of the client with the required design elements.
  • Sustainable Design Options. Sustainability is a core strength and something we can prioritize when crafting your building designs. Energy modeling for CPACE financing can be a critical piece of your capital stack.

Industrial Articles

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