Parks & Recreation

Champions of Community Engagement

Community outreach, inclusive design, and user experience. All key components when designing spaces for the community-at-large. Trust that EVstudio has the expertise to convert a wishlist into a new, or remodeled facility that will bring the residents together and enhance the health of the neighborhood.

Designing For

Parks & Recreation Projects

A partnership with EVstudio brings your project to a new level.

  • Multi-purpose, masterfully done. Our visionaries can make any recreation space function for a wide variety of activities, thus making the most of your footprint.
  • Splish-Splash. Our in-house MEP experts work hand-in-hand with aquatic designers to sustainably create a water paradise.
  • Create the right choice of systems. Based on decades of combined experience, we optimize structural, mechanical, and electrical systems for efficiency and functionality.
  • Sustainable Design Options. Sustainability is a core strength and something we can prioritize when crafting your building designs.
  • Public RFP? No, problem! EVstudio routinely provides submissions for public and private Requests for Proposals. If you need help in assessing your project for a public bid process, we are more than happy to assist.
  • Recreation inside and out. With an in-house Civil Engineering team with expertise in athletic fields, parks, and trails. EVstudio brings the complete package for your entire project.

How may we help for your park, recreation, community center, or trail design?