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Why guess at a site’s possibilities and leave money on the table? By using EVstudio for your Planning needs, our team of architects and civil engineers work hand-in-hand providing a powerful combination of skills and experience that results in designs that are not only visually stunning and highly functional but also resource-efficient and informed by all of the technical criteria that is required for the site.

Having our integrated EVstudio team on board sets you up for the highest possibility of success in the entitlements process because we can respond to every aspect of the design with confident answers to every question from the planning commission, town councils, and community leaders.

Planning Projects

Use by right, allowed use, zoning code, waivers, easement, and platting. These represent a small selection of headaches a project can encounter along the way. Luckily for you, the interdisciplinary teams at EVstudio are experts at working through the technical aspects of Planning and design thanks to our years of experience and relationships with municipalities.

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