Biking to Work in Denver

Since moving to Denver in May, I have  avoided driving a long commute to work, replacing it with the pleasure of commuting by riding my bicycle to work. Biking from the Capitol Hill Upper Colfax neighborhood down to the EVstudio office in the Golden Triangle is a breeze as it is all downhill. Riding down 13th Street is the fastest way to go, but if I get a late start and want to avoid any traffic I can head down Corona St down to the bike path along Speer down to the office.


Denver and Colorado are both considered to by bicycle friendly places. That being said, it is important to place safety first obey the biking laws, wear an approved helmet, wear a safety vest and at night, have front and rear lights. Securing a bike in the city is important. I have two locks to secure the bike, one chain, and one U-lock.

Denver has many bicycling organizations as well as a map that indicates all of the bike paths and lanes in the city.

For out of towners and tourists, Denver offers B-cycle Rides. B-cycle is a bike sharing program with over 700 bikes and 85 stations located in ten central neighborhoods. The bicycles are designed for short trips and are crusier style bikes with baskets.

As a LEED Accredited Architect, I agree with the US Green Building Council (USGBC) that promotes bicycle commuting. When a client is seeking to Certify a building under the USGBC LEED system, points are assigned for providing short and long term storage for peak visitors and regular building occupants.

The intent of this is to promote bicycling and transportation efficiency and reduce vehicle distance traveled and to improve public health by encouraging utilitarian and recreational activity.

For more information on bicycle storage for buildings:


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