BMC Index Pricing For Cost of Framing for a Single Family Home

We go through great lengths at EVstudio to keep our finger on the pulse of the constantly fluctuating prices of construction in all of the markets that we serve. The focus of this post is on the cost of framing materials for a single family home. The data, provided to us by Jeff Bales with BMC West,  is indexed to reflect the fluctuations week-over-week for the lumber package for a 2,075 square foot 2 story home. It is for floor, wall, roof and backout framing as well as hardboard exterior trim. This is not by any means a bid for any particular home, but rather an established index for the lumber commodities.  So it is useful to understand the trends in the cost of the materials. More information about availability of actual products can be found at

BMC Lumber Index Pricing


As you can see, the lumber pricing has been relatively stable with lumber costs representing between $8.75 and $8.98 per square foot of the home. There hasn’t been a tremendous amount of escalation or discount week over week, but fluctuations within the year have neared 2%.




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