Celebrity Architecture Fail – Blac Chyna’s New Home

Ok, so I don’t really follow the gossip columns all that much, but I do occasionally like to see how the celebrity world engages in architecture. I came across an article about Blac Chyna and her recent move out of Tyga’s mansion. So I just had to look – what does a celebrity like Blac Chyna look for in a home?

Well, the answer is pretty disappointing. I fully expected someone with her sense of style to choose something a bit less pedestrian than her new digs. This could easily be the home of an insurance salesman in Iowa. No offense to the insurance community – you just tend to be a trifle more risk-averse than most in your tastes.

Blac Chyna Crib 1









Yep – that’s it. Not exactly the home of a style conscious trend setter

Blac Chyna Kitchen 1











And here’s the Kitchen. That’s right – oak cabinets and white appliances. How bold and daring!

Blac Chyna Dining 1











And here is her new Dining Room. All in all, while it’s a nice home for most, it’s a complete disappointment for someone you would think has more design affinity.  After all, she does own a beauty bar in LA.

Here’s some advice for you Blac Chyna: Get some Architecture and Interior Design advice the next time you move!

(photos courtesy of: http://www.lifeistremendez.com/photos-blac-chyna-rents-new-home-after-tyga-split/)


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