Cherry Hills Village Addition-interior geometry

Even small additions are opportunities to create fun, memorable and well composed moments.  This new addition in Cherry Hills Village is a great example.  The individual spaces within this new master bath are defined by views and natural light…here are some examples in progress.

The north end of the addition employs strong symmetry to be complimentary with the existing home.  High windows allow light without compromising privacy or wall space.

The interior “hall” is defined by an arched passage that is the organizing element for the entire bathroom.  The locations for the main entry, the toilet room, the tub, the closet and the sink areas are all directed by this passage.  Upon completion, the double door seen in the distance will be replaced by a single door centered on the arch.

Even sub-spaces like this tub area will feel composed and centered by a well-placed window (with glass block for privacy of course).


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