Clear Creek County Energy Code Requirements

Clear Creek County Colorado has three different options to choose from when submitting residential energy code requirements.  Option 1 is to use the prescriptive insulation requirements for Climate Zone 7, along with Efficient Heating Unit and Duct Sizing (Manual J and Manual D calculations).  An alternative to the Manual J is the use of a high-efficiency furnace or boiler. If you choose this alternative, you must provide the unit specifications.

Option 2 is to demonstrate compliance by performing a REScheck and submitting the printout and inspection checklist.  Option 3 is to demonstrate compliance through certification from an approved national, state, or local energy efficiency program.

So if you follow the prescriptive values and are using a high-efficiency furnace or boiler, you do not need to submit anything for the Energy Code Requirements except for the unit specs.  Just be sure to include all U-factors and R-values directly on the plans and sections, along with the slab insulation detail and a window and door schedule showing the U-factors.

Jefferson County basically has the same Residential Energy Code Requirements, however they do not offer the high-efficiency boiler/furnace alternative for the Manual J.  The Manual J is mandatory for each of the four options they provide.


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