Cost of Masonry Cement Regionally by Quarter

We are regularly updated on various construction costs by RSMeans, the leading resource for construction cost estimating in North America. This week’s cost data is on Masonry Cement (ASTM C91) by the bag. Cement is the binder in concrete, and therefore, a primary ingredient in concrete, mixed in various proportions to sand, aggregate, other chemical admixtures, depending on the specifications necessary for the mix. While the cost of concrete will depend heavily on the availability of suitable aggregate in the area (the largest ingredient by weight and volume), the cost of the cement itself also plays a key role in the overall concrete cost because of it’s much higher cost by weight.

Cement Prices Q3 2009

According to the chart above (courtesy of RSMeans), the cost of cement varies widely by region, with costs in Reno nearly double that of Tulsa. However, the changes in unit cost have not fluctuated much in the last 8 quarters in any of the regions reported.


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