Creative Weatherproofing Solutions: Saddle Flashing

Creative solutions are needed every day in our line of work, especially for vital details like weatherproofing tricky areas. EVstudio recently had a project where the parapet of a flat roof garage intersected the exterior wall of the main house. This presented a challenge of how to best accomplish a weather seal for this condition. Through a little research and few iterations on options, EVstudio developed this saddle flashing detail that bridges the two assemblies in a weathertight condition.

A diagram of a saddle flashing detail, developed by EVstudio for weatherproofing a tricky intersection of a garage and a main building.
Saddle Flashing Detail

Using a pre-manufactured saddle flashing piece allows for a single piece of metal to be continuous, without cracks or laps that can be an easy place for moisture to infiltrate the assembly. Preventing moisture infiltration is vital for the longevity of a structure. This directly leads to protecting the health of occupants as well, by avoiding the conditions for the development of concerns like mold.

Once the saddle flashing is installed, it is taped at all seams and edges per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Once this step of installation is complete, the regular application of the building wrap is installed on top of the sheathing and the flashing. In the condition shown in the detail diagram, the building wrap is lapped over the TPO as well where it comes from the garage roof and turns up the wall to create the continuous “bath”. This continuity is one way to help ensure a better, longer-lasting weatherproofing result.

If you have a similar condition present in your building or your design and need a second opinion, or if you have another tricky weatherproofing detail, reach out to EVstudio. We would be happy to review your specific condition and provide you feedback on it. We pursue and deliver creative solutions every day, and we are always looking forward to our next challenge.


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