Denver Requires Subcontractors Pull Their Own Permits

In the City and County of Denver most construction is permitted under a 1R or a 1C permit. This permit is pulled by the general contractor and allows them to construct many of the trades and call for inspections on those trades. These activities include foundation walls and footings, framing, blown insulation, drywall, batt insulation, waterproofing and the foundation perimeter drain. They can also call for the final inspections but only after the subcontractors are all properly permitted and inspected.

Many subcontractors are required to pull their own permits which is a simple exercise of proving that they are licensed in Denver and paying the required fee. These subcontractor permits include plumbing, boiler, refrigeration, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, elevators and roof inspections. If the subs fail to pull their permits, it will cause delays in the contractors schedule.


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