Don’t Forget to Check your Sump Pit and Pump

Your home may or may not have a sump pit.  If you have one be sure to check it every few months, especially when you may have heavy rain.  Most people forget about the sump pit leaving them open to a good chance of major problems.

When checking your sump pit check for the following items:

  • Standing water more than 4″
  • Properly working sump pump, it should turn on when the float is raised
  • Discharge pipe properly attached with no leaks
  • Discharge pipe exists the dwelling and extends at least 5ft away from the foundation
  • Water entering sump pit, is it dripping or pouring in?

Around the Denver area many houses are built with an elevated structural floor.  When you are checking the sump pit be sure to check the conditions in the crawlspace.  Feel the soil to see if it feels soft below the vapor barrier.  Soft or muddy soil is a sign of high water content.  Also, check the floor joists for signs of rotation or buckling.  If the foundation wall is exposed look for cracks larger than 1/8″ wide.


If you allow water to collect in the sump pit it will eventually rise to a level where the water then collects in the perimeter drain.  Once water collects in the perimeter drain the foundation is at great risk to move if swelling soil is present.  Also, you are exposing your house to potentially flooding during a heavy rain.


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