Eco-Craft Green Built Homes are Selling in Central Texas

Eco Craft Green Built Texas Home

On October 4, 2009 we introduced our readers to our “Eco-Craft” series of homes.  These homes were designed with Central Texas home builder Dustin Dewald, president and founder of DPD Custom Homes.  Dustin Dewald and Gene Dane, principal in charge of our Texas office, collaborated in a a true Design / Build approach to develop the design of the first 5 homes in this series.

The design intent behind the “Eco-Craft” series of homes was to produce a “Green Built” home for the average home buyer.  The target price of these homes was set at $199,999 or as Realtors like to say, “Below $200,000”.

Every home in the “Eco-Craft” series has been sold before construction has been completed at exactly the target price point.  In a market that has speculative homes being completed and sitting on the market for sale for six month or more we consider this a spectacular success.

Each home in the “Eco-Craft” series has achieved the highest level of green buding standards in the Central Texas Home Builders Association Green Building Program.  All five homes qualified for “5+ Stars” in the Energy Star program and posted HERS Ratings of 60.

The pictures below are examples of the style and quality of the “Eco-Craft” series of homes currently on the market.  We would like to think that these are examples of homes that can be constructed to meet the most stringent requirements of green building, sustainable design, and affordability while being timeless in design style and attractive in the very competitive market of affordable homes.


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