Educational Occupancy Group as Defined in the International Building Code

One of the first steps in any building project is evaluation of the appropriate occupancy group. This drives building size, building height, construction type, exiting and fire separations.

Educational Group E is the occupancy for buildings used by six or more people through 12th grade.

Religious educational work and religious auditoriums accessory to a place of worship and with less than 100 occupants are A-3 occupancies. If it has more than 100 occupants or is not accessory then it is E.

E is also the occupancy for day cares where there are more than five and less than one hundred children older than 2.5 years. If each classroom does not exit on grade or there are more than one hundred children or the children are less than 2.5 years old it is an I-4 occupancy. A 24 hour facility goes to group I-2.

Educational uses above the 12th grade are Type B, Business Group or type A-3, Assembly for lecture halls.


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