Effect of Overdriven Fasteners on Shear Wall Capacity

APA Technical Topics - Form No. TT-012A
APA Technical Topics - Form No. TT-012A

With the use of nail guns set too high and the speed of construction, many nails are over driven.  Most building officials don’t seem to notice or comment on this error.  But, if they do you might have a lot of work ahead of you to add correctly placed nails or staples when the nailing is too close for additional nails.  Before you start adding nails or staples consider that additional nails may cause more harm than good.  If the specified nailing is at 4″o.c. or less, adding more nails can damage the sheathing and studs, reducing the shear wall capacity more than if the additional fasteners were not used.  APA addressed this problem and issued a simple breakdown on when you need additional fasteners or not.

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