Civil Engineering

What exactly is covered under a civil scope? When developing land, there are a lot of components and moving parts to ensure you have a quality product to build upon. At EVstudio, we take the guesswork out of land development. We understand that while the groundwork is important, you want to spend your time and resources on elements above ground. Let our experts create unique solutions tailor fitted for your land and use. By streamlining the permitting and planning process, we create affordable and constructible civil design plans, while saving you on your investment.

Our Civil Engineering team offers our clients exclusive creative purchasing options and practical construction. Our Civil Engineering team understands what contractors look for in plans and know their needs. This understanding provides your project with unsurpassed service and client-centric plans.

EVstudio functions as both the in-house civil department for projects where we are the architects and also as a civil engineering consultant for owners, contractors, and outside firms, municipalities, and developers. For creative solutions that are feasible, cost-effective and well executed we invite you to investigate the EVstudio difference

Athletic Field 4 Mining Industrial

The EVstudio civil department’s experience includes:

Education / Government
Facility Assessment and Masterplanning
Interior and Exterior Wayfinding
Safety and Security Improvements
ADA Access and Improvements
Cooperative Purchasing
Athletic Facilities
Building and Field Lighting
Synthetic Interior and Exterior Surfacing
Religious Facilities

Entertainment complexes
MOB, Assisted Living Facilities, Urgent Care
Parking (surface, below ground, structures)
ADA Access and Improvements

Grant Writing and Permitting
Wayfinding and Pedestrian Facilities
ADA Access and Improvements
Playground Development
Camping Design
Retaining Walls
Synthetic Interior and Exterior Surfacing
Multi-Use Indoor/Outdoor Facilities
Complex Masterplanning

Residential (Multi-Family and Single Family)
Condos, Apartments, Mixed-Use
Townhomes, Duplexes
Production Homes
Custom Homes

Municipal / Transportation
Street Reconstruction
Utility Extensions, Repairs, and Reconstructs
Stormwater pipe and basin design
Underground Storage
Pavement Management
Tower/Tank Design
ADA Access and Improvements
Energy / Mining
Stormwater Design
Pump/Pipe Process Water
Mass Grading and Access
Permitting and Planning
Rail Design
Shoring and Wall Design

Self Storage Facilities
Office Warehouses
Distributions Centers
Last Mile Centers

Barn Pit and Foundation Design
Feedpad/Silage Design and Site Layout
Permitting and Planning
Stormwater and Process Pump Design
Ditch and Stormwater Storage and Conveyance