Structural Engineering

Balancing performance and cost, EVstudio offers structural engineering for residential and commercial projects.

The EVstudio Structural Engineering team has experience with a broad range of private and public clients on project types, including multi-family housing, medical, office, retail, restaurant, mixed-use development, industrial, performance space, single-family housing, and schools. This dynamic team does not just stop there. Our structural engineers are continually working with clients on new building types, incorporating innovation into every project. From post-tension slabs and structural concrete to masonry design and steel framing, our structural team is adept at every construction type.

EVstudio offers a wide variety of structural engineering services and options, including:

  • Wood and light gauge steel framing
  • Spread footing, drilled piers and helical piers
  • Slab foundations, including post-tensioned slabs
  • Shoring design
  • Log and timber frame structures
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIP)
  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)
  • Site retaining walls, abutments, and keystone walls
  • Masonry, block, brick, and stone
  • Steel and concrete
  • Structural forensic engineering
  • Evaluation and repair drawings
  • Engineering reports and detailed documentation
  • Value engineering and efficient design
  • Construction observations

EVstudio provides engineering services to a long and growing list of Architecture firms. At EVstudio, we operate within the highest industry standards and an ethical framework that exceeds the norm. We offer to sit down with your firm, talk about your needs and present you with an example of what we can do for you. Our commitment is to honor all disciplines within the scope of the contract and our goal is to offer the best engineering services in the industry.

A partnership with EVstudio brings your project to a new level.

  • One building. A million considerations. Every project has a number of possible framing methods. EVstudio is experienced in designing traditional and cutting edge technologies.
  • More than just a building. A project can encompass parking structures and towers. Our structural teams are not only capable but have a passion for these project components.
  • Residential & commercial united. Some firms pick one or the other. Not EVstudio. For our structural engineers, the sky is the limit, and by doing both, we can share ideas and innovation across sectors.
  • Collaboration. Based on more than a century of combined experience, we optimize structural, mechanical, and electrical systems for efficiency and functionality.
  • Sustainable design options. Sustainability is a core strength and something we can prioritize when crafting your building designs.

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