Shoring & Retaining Walls

The earth moves. We help contain it.

Soils can be a tricky business, and often one may not know they need shoring or retaining walls until well into a project. EVstudio has a dedicated crew for shoring and retaining wall design and all of the services that it encompasses.

We help clients assess their projects before and during construction to help determine what type of systems are needed and if they need a temporary or permanent solution. Our responsiveness allows our clients to stay on schedule with efficient, budget-minded design solutions.

EVstudio offers a vast variety of shoring and retaining wall services and options, including:

  • Soil Nail
  • Micro Pile
  • Soldier Pile
  • Tie Back
  • Helical Piers
  • Temporary Shoring Systems
  • Permanent retaining systems of all types
  • Big Block Wall
  • Keystone block (MSE) Retaining Wall
  • Gravity Block
  • Concrete, Masonry, Stone, Boulder, Gabion

A partnership with EVstudio brings your project to a new level.

How may we be of help for your shoring and retaining wall needs?