Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability – You make it E.A.S.-Y!

We are proud to announce that Elicia Ratajczyk of the EV Studio Evergreen Office has recently been appointed as the Vice President of a new non-profit organization serving the mountain community!


Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability is dedicated to keeping the “green” in Evergreen by becoming a catalyst for awareness, action, & access that will develop sustainability in our local community. While sustainability can mean many things to many people, our values stem from the “triple bottom line” of sustainability which balances environmental, economic & social concerns to build a resilient, diverse & vibrant community. Most importantly, we believe that the sustainability of our community comes from YOU! We each make the decisions that create our world every day … for better or for worse. We are here to help making the right decisions EAS-Y!

The organization is currently supporting a number of actions and issues which include:

  • Providing a free recycling and composting program to Evergreen businesses and restaurants
  • Supporting local Community Garden efforts, now helping to write the proposal for an indoor Community Garden at Buchanan Park
  • Support of local efforts toward sustainable development and green buildings

Keep an eye out for more information on exciting upcoming EAS-Y events and opportunities in the Evergreen area and mountain communities!


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