EVstudio Architects & Engineers Participate in Cleworth Architectural Legacy (CAL) Project

EVstudio places great importance on our civic duty as professionals to help improve our communities and society. In demonstrating our dedication to community service, our architects and engineers are increasingly involved in volunteering with the Cleworth Architectural Legacy (CAL) Project, a program by the Denver Architectural Foundation. The goal of the CAL Project is to bring the expertise of design professionals into the classroom to help young students understand, appreciate, and engage with architecture. By bringing design education into the classroom, we help the general public understand the impact of architecture on our quality of life and encourage young people to take an active interest in shaping their built environments. The program is for K-12 students and blends academics, creativity, problem solving, and awareness of the built environment into an active, engaging learning experience. Each class is uniquely tailored to the objectives of the teachers taking part.

Example activity from the CAL Architectural Awareness Activities Workbook

Starting in Spring 2016, EVstudio will be collaborating with the teachers and middle schoolers at the International School of Denver, located near Lowry. We are excited to have both architect and engineer volunteers this year and look forward to a productive session spreading our love of the built environment with these motivated young learners. Stay tuned for more updates as the year unfolds!

For more information about the CAL Project and the Denver Architectural Foundation, please visit their website.


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