EVstudio is a Local Partner Architect in Denver Colorado

EVstudio is currently partnering with out of town architects to chase a couple different projects in Denver. Not only is this a good way to win projects but it also is a positive experience where both firms can learn from the others approach to projects. Oftentimes this works where the out of town architect has either specific project type experience or a recognized name but needs a local office.

EVstudio is a fairly flexible firm which makes us a reasonable partner and we also have the latest in CAD technology, video conferencing capabilities, strong varied experience and capable staff with Colorado architect and professional engineer (PE) licenses. This gives EVS the ability to provide local offices for out of town firms wishing to compete on Denver projects.

Another option for certain project types is to have EVS act as the local architect and the structural engineer. Again, its about putting together the right team and each project gets a team tailored to it.

We’re always interested in these relationships and collaborations with other architects.


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