EVstudio kicks off the year with Sapphire Reviewer by MiTek

EVstudio is proud to be one the few engineering firms using Sapphire Reviewer.   Reviewer is a new structural design tool that helps the engineer to determine snow loads and wind loads along with gravity loads, then track those loads into the supporting framing members.  From there each framing member is designed and fully documented.   The software will work with other drafting software (Revit and AutoCAD) to import the model into Sapphire.  Then a framing layout is quickly completed.

Reviewer is a part of a bigger picture where the engineer, architect, framer, purchasing and other trades are in communication and gaining information about the building to know exactly whats going into the structure and where it’s going.  Everything is in 3D, so you can see exactly how it fits together.  This information can then go right into wall panels and truss shops of other MiTek software part of the Sapphire family.

The 3D BIM modeling for wood structures is a great way to help streamline the design process and provide a very detailed materials report to the builder to save costs and reduce waste.  We are very excited to learn more about Sapphire and to be a part of a great leap forward in wood design.



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