Expert Witness Services – Engineering & Architecture

EVstudio is a unique company in that we provide a full spectrum of Architecture/Engineering design services for a variety of public and private sector clients.  We also provide that same full spectrum expertise for Expert Witness services for all types of construction defect  and forensic cases.  We currently, have a handful of Expert Witness cases that we are working on in which more than one EVstudio department has been hired to provide Expert Witness services on the particular case.  Although each department that is engaged on a case will provide their own opinions, investigation, and ultimately conclusions, it provides for a much more effective and efficient expert team for our client(s).  Further, because our team offers an entire spectrum of  in-house services, it is only natural that each of our various disciplines have developed a solid understanding of A/E areas that they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to on a daily basis.  Lastly, our firm charges a flat hourly rate for ALL Expert Witness services for each of our disciplines.

EVstudio is one of firms to hold the National EXW (Engineering Expert Witness) designation.

Structural problem? Site Issue? Call EVstudio for ALL Expert Witness needs


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