Extreme Home Makeover Finally Complete

What started out as a fairly typical remodel and addition to an older mountain home for the young-at-heart couple Eleanor Kulin and Mike Sullivan, turned into quite an experience. Upon opening up the exterior walls, all kinds of things were discovered about the home, which was used as a rental for many years, as well as a habitat for all kinds of other creatures. The issues that this home presented turned what would have been a fairly typical construction job into an extreme home makeover. I should probably warn you that some of the images below are not for weak stomachs as nearly every wall cavity had a nest of some kind of insect or small animal and the resulting decay from within became extreme.

All of the issues were purged from the home in their entirety, and the happy couple moved in recently and had me over to see how it all came together in the end. We stood by them every step of the way and while the road for them was long and wrought with many difficult decisions (like, to bulldoze the home or keep going), they are happy to have persevered and are now enjoying their entirely re-built (and vermin free) home. Did I mention that they also had to let their first contractor go – well, that story is for another post.


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