Geared Security Hinges


Geared Security Hinges:

If you’ve ever wondered how to hang a door with a hinge on the exterior side of the door that will also protect from forced entry, a geared hinge is your solution.  Geared hinges are super light since they are extruded from aluminum and extremely strong. They typically span full height of the door and also provide a slick clean look.  A full height geared hinge can support a door weighing anywhere from 250lbs up to 550lbs depending on the type of geared hinge used.  Although geared hinges are usually used in commercial settings due to their price and durability, they can easily provide security and cool styling in a residential application.  The continuous geared hinge has advantages over “hinge pin” type hinges in that the weight of the door is distributed evenly over the entire length of the hinge rather than concentrated on two or three small hinge pins. A typical door hinged with three butt hinges has 70 percent of the weight concentrated on the top hinge. This means that an aluminum geared hinge will last many times longer than a “hinge pin” type hinge such as butt hinges or common piano hinges.

Here are three typical types of geared hinges:

Concealed leaf continuous hinge,

continuous section          halfSurface continous hinge

Half surface continuous hinge,

half surf          halfSurface continous hinge

Full surface continuous hinge,

full surf       full surface continuous hinge


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