Groundbreaking New Design for Red Fox Run in Evergreen Colorado

Through a collaborative effort with local contractor, Tomskin LLC, EVstudio has risen to the new challenge of redefining the mountain vernacular in the front range foothills just West of Denver, Colorado. Already a progressive community of well over 20,000 in population, Evergreen is well known for its natural mountain environment, combined with the mild weather of Denver.

In a direct response to its surroundings, the Red Fox plan opens itself entirely to the outdoors, with minimalist separation between the interior functions of the home and the outdoors. Coupled with a decidedly modern take on its massing, but softened with organic materials found natively in the area, the design breaks new ground from the mainstream traditional look commonly found in the area.

Exterior Rendering of Red Fox Run

Aside from the glass wall systems, other special features of the home include a rooftop patio, an artist’s studio and a Master Suite courtyard complete with lap pool that is featured from the home’s interior. Also featured from the interior is a grand exterior firepit to be enjoyed from both inside as well as the outdoors. The home is designed for main level living and all main level spaces are accessible in order to serve a lifetime of living. The best part is that at under 3,000 square feet of living space, this home doesn’t overdo it both in size or cost.

Light and views are the recurring theme in this home, and every detail has been focused on outdoor living while also being highly sensitive to the thermal envelope and overall sustainability of the home.

Red Fox Run Night Sketch

We are seeing a strong trend in the desire to break out of the norms of traditional mountain architecture, and with the collaboration of our in-house architectural and engineering teams, are able to take designs to new heights. Glazing technologies make sustainable glass curtain walls possible and borrowing from our extensive commercial design experience, our structural team handles the large openings with finesse.

Stay tuned for updates to the development of this project, and if you are interested in discussing a project of your own, contact us and we are happy to discuss your dream.


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