Have you heard the big news?

It started with a project and became a partnership of aligned people, skills, and values. Now, we’re adding Idaho-based neUdesign to our team!


Serendipitous Connections

This year, a mutual client focused on modular design, introduced us to Idaho-based neUdesign as a consultant as we undertook a significant amount of design work. This partnership proved valuable, the first sign of our two firms’ alignment in values and people. We continued the partnership and discussed other opportunities we could take on together. After serendipitous connections and timing, we spoke candidly with the neUdesign team on our desire to grow as a firm, especially noting how great they aligned with our people. This discussion, one that can often be tense or uncomfortable, was a second sign. After weighing the pros and cons together and with our own teams, the pros heavily won our evaluation, and we decided to solidify the partnership through a merger. Our third sign, and the most important one, came when our teams flew to one another’s offices, and everyone meshed great. We held events at both for teams to socialize and befriend their new teammates if they had not already through our existing work.

We are proud and excited to call our friends at neUdesign team members! As of today, August 18th, we complete a merger under the EVstudio brand.

What does this mean for you?

Clients and partners, you are getting the benefit of working with our team times two. Like EVstudio, neUdesign and its people are part of an award-winning firm, serving clients across North America. With our individual companies’ aligned values and high-quality staff, skills, and knowledge, we, together, will provide our national clients more design resources in more locations. This operation will be completely merged—meaning we will explore all the practices in each firm and utilize the best ones. Our people have already visited one another in each office, and our clients will continue to work with their dedicated team while receiving access to a new pool of experts that could add value to their projects.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please direct any questions to marketing@evstudio.com or learn more about our new team members and this merger at www.evstudio.com/neudesign. We can’t wait to introduce you to our new team members!


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