Home Energy Audits From Lightly Treading and Xcel Energy


On January 15th the Denver Housing Committee welcomed guest speaker Paul Kriescher with Lightly Treading.

Paul talked about the services his company provides to homeowners, including consultation on how to maximize energy efficiency in your home. They offer different types of home energy auditing. A Blower Door test for example, tests for air leakage within the home. An Infrared Camera inspection looks for missing insulation and water leaking into the walls from the outside. Using the IR Camera along with the Blower Door test is the most accurate and effective tool for finding air leakage within your home.

In May of ’07, a law was passed requiring an effort to improve energy efficiency, also known as the Demand Side Management Program. This program requires that 1.25% of the budget be spent on incentives for home builders and building owners. Lightly Treading is working with Xcel Energy to offer rebates to their customers for energy auditing.

Lightly Treading offers these incentives with their reduced-rate services:
Walk-Through Audit ($200 value, you pay $60)
Energy Audit with Blower Door ($325 value, you pay $90)
Energy Audit with Blower Door & IR Camera ($450 value, you pay $120)

Another incentive is that there is no payment at the time of the audit service. You can set up your appointment with Lightly Treading, and they will charge the discounted rate to your next bill. For more information: www.lightlytreading.com


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