Horizontal Vs Diagonal Decking

When beginning a deck project, you traditionally have two options when going to with decking. Horizontal or diagonal decking.  Each have their pros and cons that I am going to go through.

Horizontal decking is largely the most popular choice for wood framed decks due to it typically being the easiest method to install. But there are some drawbacks.  Sway bracing must be installed to eliminate racking and if your deck is over 20’ wide, you will most likely need butt joints or splices in your joists.








Although not typically seen as much, diagonal decking has great benefits.  Installing your decking at a 45 degree angle increases the strength of the deck, preventing racking and eliminating the need for sway bracing. Diagonal decking also gives your deck a unique and more refined look.  Although diagonal decks are stronger, you will need to space joists closer due to the longer span in between joists. This amounts to additional costs.  There is also an estimated 15% increase in waste for this type of decking.

Diagonal Decking


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