Hot Trends in Apartments from the AAMD Trade Show-Part 1- Apartment Units

EVstudio as a member of the Apartment Association of Metro Denver (AAMD) recently visited the AAMD Trade Show and were able to attend a great seminar on Hot Trends in Apartment development given by Adrienne Hill of Simpson Properties.

We are currently using many of these features in multiple Multifamily projects currently underway and there was so much great material I’m going to break it into several posts starting with Apartment Units.

Popular Trends by Unit Type:

Studio Units:

  • A shift to a higher percentage of Studio Units
  • Sliding Doors that give the bedroom area flexibility to be either open or more private.  Units with this feature are leasing exceptionally well!
  • Stackable Washers/Dryers that create more storage space for the rest of the unit.

1 Bedroom Units:

  • Focus on creating privacy from the Bedroom to the Bath
  • Islands that provide an additional seating area

2 Bedroom Units

  • Bedrooms separated by a living area to provide additional privacy (no shared walls)
  • Equality between bedrooms for roommate scenarios

Some Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Not enough Outlets and switches
  • Washers that open onto Carpeted areas creating moisture issues
  • Inefficient Doors that swing into Bedrooms  where they could swing into a Bath
  • Showerheads that are too low

Next up: Hot Trends in Apartment Kitchens

Special Thanks to Adrienne Hill of Simpson Property Group for a great seminar.


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