Innovative New Modules Bring LED’s Closer to Widespread Use

The recent LIGHTFair International (LFI) in Las Vegas, the world’s largest architectural and commercial lighting trade show, reported record breaking attendance of over 20,000 industry professionals.

Many attendees are watching the industry closely to see innovative product solutions, particularly LED’s. This year did not disappoint.  While many manufacturers have shown LED luminaires and lamp (bulb) replacements in previous years, the industry is making enough progress that more of these solutions are nearing readiness for widespread use.

At the LFI Innovation Awards, a new LED module from Bridgelux and Molex won the Most Innovative Product of the Year Award.  Helieon is an LED light source that turns and locks into place, emulating traditional lighting sockets and allowing users to alter beam angle, color temperature or light output without removing or replacing the luminaire.

“Bridgelux is delivering energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that are driving the transformation of the $100 billion lighting industry,” said Bill Watkins, Bridgelux CEO. “Providing high quality light and an easy, familiar installation experience at a price point to enable mass adoption, Helieon delivers on the promise of solid state lighting.”

This year’s LFI showcased a number of solutions from manufacturers that bring the promise of LED lighting for general illumination closer to reality.  Viable site and exterior lighting solutions, as well as  linear and point source luminaires for interior use boast increased lumen output, better controllability, better color rendering, and lower costs than in previous years.

The lighting industry continues its endeavor to deliver viable, affordable LED-based solutions for general ambient light, a need which has typically been filled by fluorescent and incandescent lamps.


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