Jeffco 2009 IRC Quick Code Check


I came across this portion of Jefferson County’s website, Quick Code Check, that is a very helpful, sort of an abridged, 2009 IRC. It is basically a few key excerpts from the codebook that contains some of the most basic and common code issues for residential structures. It also contains links to some of Jeffco’s supplemental portions of the code like snow load and to verify requirements of a local fire district for example.

A super-accurate method to get snow load, zoning, and area of any existing structures on a lot can be found very easily by using the Address Wizard (providing roof and ground snow load and USGS elevation), then clicking Pantera Map will get you zoning, a rough idea of topography, aerial image and more – it just takes a little manipulation of the map settings to get what you want to show up. Also from the Address Wizard results page, you can click Property Data to get square footage information of any existing structures on the lot.

To find the latest in zoning information I recommend going to their Zoning Resolution page. This features a list of links to a .pdf for each respective zoning resolution that Jeffco has adopted and when they get updated, as they occasionally do, this is where to find them.

If you have any code questions feel free to contact us for more information.


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