Latest Hand Rendering for Mountain Modern Project

Progress on the Mountain Modern project is gaining momentum and generating a lot of local interest. After we created the 3-D model and the digital renderings, the marketing team felt that a softer hand rendered image would appeal in several of their publications.

Mountain Modern Hand Rendering
Mountain Modern Hand Rendering

This is one of many different types of graphic visualization that we can employ to create artistic renderings for any project. While some projects benefit from photoreal renderings to articulate actual colors and textures, the hand renderings are softer and leave the specifics of the actual exteriors a bit more vague and open to more interpretation. The softer lines of a hand rendering also tend to appeal more to a broader audience who may conceive of the project more as a concept rather than a hard reality. We work with several different artists that can create a wide array of artistic styles to represent our architectural design for both residential as well as commercial projects.


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