LEED ID Credits – New LEED Pilot Credit Library

Earlier this year, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) introduced a new dimension to their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating Systems for green building certifications known as the Pilot Credit Library (PCL). The PCL currently includes 41 Pilot Credits which can be pursued as Innovation in Design (ID) or Innovation in Operations (IO) credits under any of the LEED 2009 Rating Systems. Up to 5 Innovation Credits may be earned. The Pilot Credits include Alternative Compliance Paths (ACP) to existing credits, ideas for new credits as well as newly proposed prerequisites that may eventually be implemented in future iterations of the Rating Systems.

The goal of piloting credits in this way is to allow the USGBC to gain feedback, test and refine the potential additions to the Rating Systems through real-time projects and stakeholder participation prior their official incorporation into the LEED Rating Systems. In another new development the USGBC has formed a partnership with the independent LEEDUser website to publish the official language of the Pilot Credits and facilitate a forum for discussion of the credits and their associated criteria. Project Administrators must register the project with the Pilot Credit Library, at no additional cost, in addition to their project registration under the appropriate LEED Rating System and must agree to participate with a survey as a part of the process. Projects may select up to 5 credits to pursue from the following list of Pilot Credits:


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