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On January 20 and 21, 2023, Mass Timber Group hosted the first annual Mass Timber Mastermind here in Denver, CO. There was a fantastic turnout of heavy hitters from across the industry and representatives from all across North America. I attended day one of the event and wanted to recap the experience to share with you!

T3 RiNo

The day started with a tour of T3 RiNo, which will be a six story office building with retail on the ground level.  It consists of one level of concrete construction with five levels of Mass Timber construction above, which is cross laminated timber (CLT) panels spanning between glulam beams and columns. For you code-savvy folks, it was designed as a Type IV building despite having a concrete podium. At the time of our tour, the crew was off-loading and installing CLT floor panels, which was really special to see! They are averaging 25-30 pieces of Mass Timber each day, thanks to the precise planning and fabrication of the panels.

A photo shows a crane (mostly off-screen) hoisting a cross-laminated timber (CLT) panel being placed on top of construction at T3. It appears to be a somewhat cloudy winter day, with light snow on the ground.
T3 – CLT Panel Placement
A group of people are shown touring the construction at T3, which is a Mass Timber construction project.
T3 Tour – Walking CLT Deck – Notice the strips of snow on the deck service.  Those will be cleared of snow, and spline connections will be made to connect the individual CLT panels to ensure the floor plate acts as one continuous member.
A red steel-frame staircase is shown inside a a room that is under construction.
T3 – Floating Grand Stair

University of Denver – Burwell Center

The next stop of the day was to a finished building – University of Denver’s Burwell Center, a 23,000 square foot center dedicated to career and professional development for DU students. It consists of three stories of CLT panels supported by glulam beams and columns. The lateral system consists of CLT wall panels (the two stair cores, elevator core, and one additional wall separate from the cores), which was a first in Denver.

The Burwell Center building is shown from across the street on a winter's day with snow on the ground. The building is at least three stories tall, with a penthouse structure on the room to the left side of the image. The facade of the building is curved to the right side of the image.
DU Burwell Center – Exterior
Tables, chairs, and a curved bank of windows are shown inside the Burwell Center.
DU Burwell Center – Ground Level Lobby

A group of people is shown inside the Burwell Center. A white man in a green puffy coat appears to be speaking to the group.

A person leans on and inspects the CLT wall panels, in the background of the focus of the picture, which is a door to the stairwell.
DU Burwell Center – CLT wall panels – stair core/lateral member

The EVstudio team is excited to see Mass Timber growing in popularity, especially in our home city of Denver. As the International Building Code and local jurisdictions continue to recognize Mass Timber as a viable construction material, more and more buildings are anticipated to be designed with this material in mind. Mass Timber is renewable, sustainable, and captures more carbon than any other construction material, which is a great thing not only for the owners of these buildings, but also for the planet. Reach out to our design team if you’d like to explore Mass Timber for one of your projects!


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