Mid-roof Inspection Engineer including Jefferson County and Westminster

In Colorado, we’ve seen a number of municipalities start requiring a mid-roof inspection for roofing permits. The requirement has been catching roofers off guard as it is supposed to be done earlier than the mid-way point. Where a roof project is past the time for a mid-roof inspection the municipality will require a Colorado Professional Engineer (PE) to come out and look at the work to certify that it was done correctly.

We see this most frequently in Jefferson County and Westminster but it happens with other cities and counties.

If you are in need of a mid-roof inspection we have PE’s who can quickly come out and sign off on the work. It typically takes less than 3 hours of drive time and inspection, depending on location and we can usually do it within a day or two. We’ll need to see evidence that the roofing was properly installed but we certainly don’t make you take it apart to show us. Give us a call to set something up. 303.670.7242 x4 or email at design@evstudio.us.


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