Mixed Use Developments in Texas

Mixed use buildings are ones that usually house commercial spaces on the first floor (the public zone), and residential above. This formula has always been normal practice for urban spaces throughout history. Traditionally business owners would run their businesses and live above them. This idea evolved into a density solution that allowed the first floors to serve the public, and the stacked spaces above to house a large number of people.

So what about for cities that are not as dense?  In Harker Heights and Killeen, TX we are seeing a desire for mixed-use developments by clients and the cities themselves. At the July 10th Harker Heights city council meeting these desires were confirmed when the city council rezoned a classic strip center lot to a planned mixed use development.

We have two mixed-use developments currently under design. The projects under design are The Mark Condominiums, and The Villages at Clear Creek.

The Mark Condominiums is a complex of three and a half story medium density condos with high end retail and commercial occupations lining the bottom floor. Both the residential and commercial functions will be heavily landscaped, and pedestrian friendly. The condos are all serviced with private access, private parking, and high quality amenities.

The Villages at Clear Creek are in the medical district of Killeen, and adjacent to the new hospital on Clear Creek road. This community provides a smaller scale urban village to serve the professionals that inhabit the area.

It seems that mixed use is no longer exclusively for super dense cities. Mixed Use Developments are among the many project types that we would love to help you make a reality.


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