Mountain Modern 3-D Model in Freewheel

With the capabilities of Freewheel to allow for internet visuallization of our 3-D models, I wanted to try it out on our Mountain Modern project. The controls will take a bit of getting used to and we will continue to refine how we can integrate the interface more seamlessly into our magazine, but we’re pretty excited about all of the possibilities.

Click here to check it out in 3-D

Mountain Modern Model
Mountain Modern Model

Zoom in with your center scroll wheel or use the zoom controls in the header. Use the orbit control in the header to spin around the model and explore. Left-clicking inside the circle that appears will orbit around the model while clicking outside the circle will rotate the image about the current central viewpoint. While we will post many more of these models on this magazine, we will likely use this technology more for sharing project design development with our clients.


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