Mountain Modern Project Moving Forward With a Site Specific Design

Several Changes have been implemented on the Mountain Modern Project since we last posted. The project owner, Vince Kenney, with Tomskin LLC, is now marketing the project for a presale on a lot in Elk Meadow Estates, in Evergreen Colorado.

Rear Perspective 1

While all of our LEED and sustainable goals are the same as before, The massing of the home has changed quite a bit. Primarily because of the addition of an upper level and some additional square footage to better serve the demographic of the location.

Front Perspective 1

The site that this home is now designed for has over a half an acre of building envelope and fantastic southern solar access. We spent a lot of time with Vince, touring several properties and assessing them for a fit for this project. We are happy to have finally found a great site.

Rear Perspective 2

The site backs to Elk Meadow, part of the expansive Jefferson County open space system and our outdoor space has grown to compliment this great feature. Other improvements include development of the structural systems and further understanding of the extensive glazing systems for the home.

Front Perspective 2

These renderings also illustrate the various solar studies that we have performed on the new design. Understanding how the sun will impact the home at various times of year (and times of day) is crucial to the success of the passive solar design strategies we are employing.

Click here or on the image below to navigate the 3-D model in Freewheel:

Link to 3-D .DWF file

We are excited to see this project step closer to realization and will continue to update the online magazine with further developments and how to find out more about this exciting project.


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