Multi-family Housing and Accessibility

The Fair Housing Act requires housing equality in terms of accessibility. This was passed in 1988. Three years later construction guidelines where published for builders and architects to follow. In general there are 7 requirements that must be followed. Those 7 key areas are:

1. An accessible building entrance which is on an accessible path.

2. Public and common use areas that are accessible and usable.

3. Doors that are usable – i.e. someone in a wheelchair can open and navigate through.

4. An accessible route into and within a dwelling unit (apartment).

5. Outlets, thermostats, switches and other controls placed in accessible locations.

6. Reinforcement in walls for grab bars.

7. Bathrooms and kitchens that are usable.

As architects who design a wide variety of projects including multi-family apartments and condos we are well versed in fair housing guidelines as well as ADA, ANSI and other codes and guidelines that govern building to ensure fairness and accessibility.


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